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Mouzaki - Karditsa


Mouzaki is the capital of the homonymous municipality with the following 13 municipal departments: Mavromattis, Magoulitsa, Gelanthi, Lazarina, Porti, Vatsounia, Drakotrypa, Oksia, Pafkofito, Anthochori, Kriopigi, Ellinokastro, Amigdali. It is built at an altitude of 180 meters in the foothills of Itamos (branch of Kozakias). Crossed by the stream of Pamiso with the beautiful plane trees on the banks of the river that end to Peneus. It is the ideal base for those who want to discover and explore the surrounding areas,

Its geographical location marks it as a historical, commercial and administrative centre. It is a crossroad and a communication node of Karditsa with Argithea, Epirus and the county of Trikala.

It is often visited by the people of Argithea since from Anthiro, the capital of Argithea, is only 50 kilometers while from Vragkiana, capital of Acheloos, is 75 kilometers away, and from Petrilo, capital of the Settlement of East Argithea, 34 kilometers. It is also only 28 kilometers away from Karditsa. It is connected with main road to the city of Trikala which is only in a distance of 20 kilometers, and with Arta that is approximately 180 kilometers away.

Connection with other areas

Two main roads start from Mouzaki and cross the rough area of Argtheas, and end to the village of Acheloos and the county of Arta. The first crosses the East Argithea (formely known as Kinotita Athamanon), and the second crosses Mouzaki-Argithea-Arta, and connect Thessaly with Epirus.

The road network of Kalampaka – Trikala – Mouzaki – Plastira Lake, and Pertouli – Pili Mouzaki – Plastira Lake are exploited by a large number of tourists with ecotourism interests and ecotourism quests.


Mouzaki – Plastira Lake


The fascinating and amazing scenery follows the route from Mouzaki to the lake as the beautiful lake is being embraced by tall and lush mountains. The area is ideal for the lovers of nature, and offers the chance for hiking, fishing, and walks in the forest, swimming and hunting. A small paradise for holidays or getaways all year around.

The lakeside path that is sixty-two kilometers long, the fjords, the fir forests, the monasteries and the pure tradition of the villages will give you endless material for photographs. At the lakeside forests live wolves, foxes, squirrels, a few wild boars and deers. In the waters of the lake live carps, trouts, eels, lobsters and roachfish.


Alternative forms of tourism and sports in the most harmonious composition. There is also the opportunity of horse riding and mountain biking so the visitor can admire the nature even more.

As for the most adventurous and risky and for those that emotion and thrill is a daily challenge, paragliding and is the ideal way of viewing panoramically Agrapha Mountains. Countless are also the opportunities for the lovers of hiking since the surrounding location are a challenge.

Mouzaki – Elati – Pertouli


Elati attracts a lot of visitors all year around, and it is the ideal place for those who love sports and adventure.

You can do hiking, mountain bike, horse riding, ski, and climbing. Just outside the village there are climbing routes, and in a distance of 6 kilometers from Elati, in the location of Pertouliotika Livadia you will reach the ski resort of Pertouli at an altitude of 1.200 meters embraced by the largest and most beautiful fir forests of Greece. It has a relatively small track, equipped with ski-lift and cable cars.


Continuing from the skit resort and after approximately 3 kilometers you will reach pertouli.
It is built amphitheatrically on a slope at an altitude of 1.100 meters; it is a small picturesque village with tourism developed, especially in the past years. Continuing from Pertouli you can visit Neraidochori, and if you want to continue your excursion, you can visit the villages of Aspropotamos.